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Oct 30, 2022 - Ranger Doug's Book update
Ranger of the Lost Art--Rediscovering the WPA Poster Art of our National Parks"  is at the editors and hopefully will be out by the holidays ahead.  I've had problems getting paper.  It will feature every new design up and through Harpers Ferry National Historic Park (currently in the approval process)--over 60 designs, how they were made and including a history lesson on the WPA, the CCC, and the Western Museum Laboratories, where these were printed.  Many new and exciting (!) photographs will be included.  Also--bonus!!--will be a miniature silk-screen print (newly color corrected Grand Teton--where it all started).  Price will be about $80 but don't quote me yet.  Douglas Brinkley is writing the Foreward.  You won't be disappointed!  
Oct 30, 2022 - Cuyahoga National Park silkscreen print now available
Cuyahoga National Park silkscreen print is now available (along with White Sands--see earlier post) for the same low, low price of $45.  This design follows the Dorothy Waugh series more than our traditional "Ranger Naturalist" theme.  Five colors.  
Oct 30, 2022 - White Sands National Park silkscreen print now available
White Sands National Park silkscreen print is now available for the same price as our other 60 designs; only $45.  Seven colors plus white featuring a Little White Whiptail Lizard--endemic to the area.  
Jun 12, 2022 - Cuyahoga--Our 57th Design
Cuyahoga National Park is a very unique park system and is now administrated by the National Park Service although it comprises of many state parks and private inholdings.  In the late 19th Century, it was a playground between the dense urban centers of Cleveland and Akron Ohio.   In the 1930s the CCC built much of the infrastructure including the Kendall Lake Lodge, featured here in this five color serigraph.   In 1974 it was designated a National Recreation Area and in 2000 a National Park.  It includes many historic buildings, roads, bridges and tow paths along the Erie and Ohio Canals.  WPA Artist Dorothy Waugh who created many National and State Park winter posters was involved early in the development here as was Albert Good--author of Park and Recreation Structures--a three volume tome of all buildings WPA--who designed this Lodge.  The historic toboggan run, built by the CCC can be seen through the trees.  Our 57th design.  Due out July.  
May 17, 2022 - Mammoth Cave Design
Our 56th design is Mammoth Cave.  This is a full 9 color screen print that features the historic boat rides and the CCC.  Due out this month in card-stock and by early July as a screen print.  Our queue has back up a bit due to paper shortages but our printers have kept pace pretty well, considering.  
Feb 24, 2022 - Meet POPO--Our Poster Poster
For the offering a poster of all of our 56 poster designs in two sizes:  18" X 24" and 24" X 32".  These are our only Glicée prints printed on Epson P9000 inkjet printer. Paper is 325 gsm Ultra-smooth fine art paper.  Made from 100% cotton rag, this paper also offers a hefty basis weight of 325 gsm along with a thickness of 18 mil and opacity of 98% for longevity and durability. The paper is acid, lignin, and chlorine free as well as calcium carbonate buffered to help ensure longevity.    
Feb 06, 2022 - Hot Springs Design available!
Ranger Doug visited Hot Springs during his 2016 NPS Centennial Roadtrip/Speaking tour and even took a soak!  This design is my artist, Brian Maebius's idea and it is a lot better than my bath-house concept.  We only print this in cardstock for now so if you like want a screen print--call the park, not us. Enjoy!
Jan 31, 2022 - White Sands design is out!
Our (approximately) 55th design is out.  White Sands is available as a post card and we will likely print this as a screened poster in the near future with park approval.  
Jan 23, 2022 - Biscayne National Park serigraph print now available
Our latest design--Biscayne National Park--featuring manatees is now available on our website.  Same old price, even!  Ranger Doug is trying to hold all pricing this year.  Like everyone else, we're experiencing shortages in paper for our cards.  Poster stock is OK.  Magnet backs in short supply (this is also printed on magnets, cards, and stickers).  Watch this space--we'll be releasing 5 more designs here with weeks!  We're also offering a laser printed poster of all our posters--with days!  My book--well a little longer--but this will be worth waiting for--I discovered a whole trove of historic photographs of these posters being printed; the CCC camps and personnel, the WPA artists and much, much more!   
Aug 17, 2021 - Covid Year Summary--New Designs, Book, NYT, and more!
Haven't posted any updates for awhile.   NEW DESIGNS, ETC:  We are passing our 2019 sales by a good margin so I'm assuming parks are opening up and people are flocking to them.  I'm working on several new designs:  Biscayne, Fort Union, White Sands, and others.   MY BOOK:  I'm writing a book; coffee-table style.  It will feature all the historic set and the story of discovery and also all the contemporary designs, how they're made and a chapter on the DOI Museum Exhibit and also my 2016 NPS Centennial Roadtrip in my 1948 Airstream!  Doug Brinkley has offered to write the foreward and Sally Jewell said she'd be "delighted" to add a book-flap comment.  It will include an actual silk-screened print (Grand Teton).  Probably betweeen $80-$100 so start saving......due out probably 2022.   NYT ARTICLE:  I had a nice write-up in the NYT--it's posted front & center on our website page and also in "Honorable Mentions."  Orders from this article kept our lights on during the "Covid Winter."  Unlike everyone else, we're keeping our prices fixed for now--I'm disappointed to see a sheet of plywood quadruple the price here in Alaska where I live.   SUPPLY ISSUES:  We are having supply side issues--especially with paper.  Our postcards are printed on partially recycled paper but most paper companies are marketing "sustainable practices" paper which is 100% new fiber (better) but ecologically sound.  We will be printing on this soon; sourced in the USA.  All my competitors use off-shore paper, not Ranger Doug! POSTER INKS:  One major change is we're switching our screen-printing inks--to more environmentally sensitive UV cured inks--away from the evaporative inks.  These are also formulated by Nazdar and we're adding a scuff resistant topcoat (clear matte finish) at no extra cost!  All our printing is now done at Cole Graphic Solutions; Scott Corey of Corey Sign has retired.   Thank you Scott for 28 years of excellent service!  Cole is a Tacoma based family owned business with 30 employees.  
Nov 29, 2020 - Our Second "Open Warehouse" via Zoom
Our second "Open Warehouse" will be Saturday, December 12, at noon til 2pm Pacific Standard Time.  Here's what you need to know to attend: Meeting ID: 980 9149 7532 Passcode: 074949 Meet Ranger Doug (in his ranger hat, no less!), Door Prizes, Ask Questions, New Posters, Book!!  No hot cider though......
Nov 29, 2020 - Our Second "Open Warehouse" via Zoom
Our second "Open Warehouse" will be Saturday, December 12, at noon til 2pm Pacific Standard Time.  Here's what you need to know to attend: Meeting ID: 980 9149 7532 Passcode: 074949 Meet Ranger Doug (in his ranger hat, no less!), Door Prizes, Ask Questions, New Posters, Book!!  No hot cider though......
Nov 20, 2020 - Ranger Doug's "Virtual" Open Warehouse
Visit this link:
Aug 26, 2020 - New York Times
Here is a nice article in the New York Times:
Aug 01, 2020 - COVID Crisis Update
2020 has been a game-changer year for nearly everyone.  When the Covid-19 virus made its way into Europe, I was in Central Turkey (Capadoccia) and was forced to fly back to Toronto, Salt Lake City, drive to Seattle and then fly home to Alaska--and I'm not a flyer.  I hope everyone is laying low, social distancing and wearing masks.  As a retired dentist, I understand this stuff and it is not to be messed with. If everyone on the planet could social distance for 14 days--perfectly--this would go away, but we're too impatient....and will pay the price.   That said, if you can't visit your favorite park, do so vicariously by purchasing one of our hand-made (in the USA) screen prints.  We've recently introduced Jewel Cave, and Canyonlands with plans to publish Voyageur and the newest addition to the NPS: Valle Caldera which is located near Bandelier in New Mexico.  Other new products are refrigerator magnets and luggage stickers. I've resisted the "trinket" market for over 20 years, preferring to focus on art for art's sake but after donating my private collection to the NPS, many are transferring these designs into Cafe Press, Etsy, Red Bubble, and the like on everrything imaginable.  So, I'm joining in but keeping the product focus quality up. Our warehouse is still operational and Angie will answer the phone Monday through Friday to take your orders.  Park orders are way down but our internet/retail sales are actually better than a year ago--we thank you for the business and will weather this crisis just fine.  Well, we'll see. Our long-time printer, Scott Corey--aka Corey Sign & Display--is retiring.  Scott is a third generation screen printer.  His brother, Cam also ran the business for years before succumbing to ALS.  These two made this poster reproduction happen and I thank both Cam and Scott for their years of standing in front of the screen press in my behalf.  Both Scott and Cam attended our tradeshows to explain the process to the National Park employees and Scott attended the museum exhibit at the Department of the Interior in 2014 which featured all his printing skills.  We will transfer all our artwork, inks and frustrations of this dying (dyeing?) art to Cole Graphic Solutions in Tacoma Washington. With 50 active designs, this will add a new dimension to their business.  We are one of the very few sources for screen printed art in America.  One last note--our public lands have taken a beating these past 3-1/2 years.  Parks and Monuments and public lands in general have shrunk and oil and gas leases are now built into park funding--dangerous!   Pebble Mine just cleared a major hurdle with the Interior Department.  I urge every one of you to not only vote, but to urge everyone you know to vote this November.  I will be saying more about this each month.   Stay safe!    
Jul 24, 2019 - Theodore Roosevelt National Park serigraph is now available!
Our 49th design, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, is now available as a serigraph print.  This is a full 10 screen/10 color design and our most complex one yet.  Nazdar 5500 inks on DeNeen 80# Environmental cover stock.  $45.00.  
Jul 04, 2019 - Canyonlands and Theodore Roosevelt National Park prints now available
Two more new designs from Ranger Doug and his sidekick Brian on the computer. Canyonlands is now available but only from us online (the park won't carry it). I've designed this along similar lines to the historic Grand Canyon print keeping the design clean without text fields. Nine screens. Due out next week is Theodore Roosevelt National Park. I use the "window" treatment here with Teddy's silhouette, park place names and the very popular CCC overlook. Ten screens and only $45.00! Visit these parks if you haven't already! Happy 4th of July!
May 31, 2019 - North Cascades Serigraph now available! (two versions)
Both this NPS version and a "Jack Kereouac" version of our North Cascades National Park design are now available in a serigraph print (13 1/2" X 19"); 5500 Nazdar inks on Neenan Environmental #80 cover.     Use your imagination and you may see a youthful Fred Beckey who did the first ascent of Hozomeen Mountain in 1947 (featured); or perhaps Jack Kerouac who spent the summer of 1956 at the Desolation Lookout (also featured); his inspiration for two books:  The Dharma Bums and Desolation Angels.  This is my first design that completely departs from the WPA or See America theme, yet finds itself married to the early history of this region.  Ranger Doug, besides being a huge Kerouac fan, climbed with Fred Beckey in the 1960s doing many first ascents.  
May 09, 2019 - Jewel Cave National Monument print now available
We're proud to announce our latest design Jewel Cave National Monument serigraph print is now available.  Jewel Cave is one of Teddy Roosevelt's personal picks and is the third longest cave in the world with about 200 miles of passageways mapped.  It is located in the vicinity of Wind Cave, Mt. Rushmore and to the north, Theodore Roosevelt Nartional Park--which is currently being serigraphed.  Put this on this summer's list!  This is our 47th design and as usual will also be available in post cards and notecard sets (in our new Series VI).  Poster size is 13.5" X 19" printed on Neenan 80# Environmental coverstock with Nazdar 5500 poster inks.  Enjoy!  
Apr 14, 2019 - Victorinox
After being approached by Victorinox, we are now offering a line of WPA art-influenced Swiss Army Knives.  This model, the Classic SD 58mm is their smallest, yet most popular knife and sports 7 tools. I've carried a prototype in my pocket now for one year and use it every day--even discovered an 8th tool--testing 18VDC power tool batteries.  Don't try this--I melted the blade and handle!  Seriously, this is always in my pocket now and joins my colletion of several other  Swiss Army Knives.  This model normally sells for $23.99 however, we're offering this as a special introductory offer (I sound like a care salesman, don't I?) for just $21.99.  Currently we offer this in nine park designs (three not shown in our store are Grand Canyon, Joshua Tree and Everglades--artwork to be updated).  
Apr 06, 2019 - Winter Summary
Four new designs are out of the hopper with and without approval:  With: Jewel Cave and Teddy Roosevelt and...Without:  Nortth Cascades and Canyonlands.  All four should be available for sale this summer on this website and at Jewel Cave and TR National Park bookstores.  The NoCa print will be available in a NPS version and Jack Kerouac version in all NPS bookstores except North Cascades.  Canyonlands....who knows, but it's a design worthy of the Grand Canyon print. Ranger Doug has been continuosly on the road beginning November--Seattle, Jackson Wyoming, SLC, Moab, Phoenix, Tuscon, Petrified Forest National Park (PeFo), Denver, Berkeley, Alberquerque, PeFo, Moab, SLC, Jackson and soon to Seattle and home to Alaska.  I gave six talks during my trips to historical societies and parks.  Park/monument highlights were El Morro and Tonto National Monuments--include these in your travels.  Spent most of the winter at Petrified Forest National Park working with the paleontologists who were superb teachers and public servants--the 35 day shutdown hit them hard, yet they rebounded with elan.  PeFo suffers from staffing;  currently about 50% of the park is run by volunteers.  Write your Congressmen and Congresswomen to support funding.  You can visit my personal website at to visit my travels especially the PeFo winter dino digs.  Finally, I had to cancel my Washington DC lobbying trip due both to Amtrak's inability to run trains and my computer it's all the more important to write your congressmen/women--it's all online and simple. Stay tuned....... 
Jan 02, 2019 - Happy New Years!
Happy New Years RDE fans.  It was another great year for us and I just wanted to thank you all for supporting our products--you are also supporting our parks.   Looking into the future a bit, I continue to give talks; my next in Tucson on January 14 at the Historical Society there.  And again in Berkeley March 3--specifics to be announced.   Between these talks,  I attend our annual tradeshow in Denver, touring the SW in my 1948 Airstream and will be volunteering at Petrified Forest digging dinosaurs! In 2018, I've partnered with both Kelty (Ranger Doug camping line)  and Victorinox (famous Swiss Army knives) and will announce more when products become available.  Some proceeds will go to the Student Conservation Association.  We've five new designs coming out:  North Cascades, Canyonlands, Teddy Roosevelt, Jewel Cave and Mount Rushmore.  When the White House decides to open government and fund our parks, I'll hopefully get these back on track and out this Spring.  This is not an easy process in normal times.  My most unusual letter came over the holidays--from the US Embassy in Islamabad--requesting poster art for their new Embassy.  We are indeed global!   Have a great and safe 2019 and visit your parks!   
Nov 15, 2018 - Gearing up for the Holidays
We've had another great year and we're again holding our annual "Open Warehouse" on Saturday, December 8th, from 10am to 3pm so hold that date.  We'll serve hot cider and have door prizes.  Come meet and greet our staff (and Ranger Doug) and we'll autograph posters if you want that special gift under the holiday tree.  Here are some of our highlights for 2018: Ranger Doug gave a few more talks in Berkeley and at the Interior Department Met with both SOI Ryan Zinke and NPS acting Director Dan Smith to discuss park policies. Donation of my collection of original prints--appraised at $70,500!  These now belong to you! We also have contributed to the Student Conservation Association, Washington Trails Association, National Park Traveler (now a 501.C.3) and Grand Teton Natural History Association I've four new designs nearly ready for release:  North Cascades, Teddy Roosevelt, Canyonlands and Jewel Cave.   If you live nearby--come visit us at our "Open Warehouse Sale" on Saturday, December 8.  
Oct 08, 2018 - North Cascades National Park design released!
Announcing our new North Cascades design. This is a unique effort based upon one of my favorite Australian travel posters. The headline I used became the park byline (or whatever it's called) for the 50th anniversary. This print is actually three designs: the one here, a Fred Beckey version to those of us who knew and climbed with Fred, and a Jack Kerouac version (it will feature a JK quote instead of the place names). We will publish this first in cards only (Due out in November) and will evolve to a screened poster if there is enough demand and the Park endorses it. Canyonlands and Teddy Roosevelt are advancing through the final process--stay tuned!
Jun 01, 2018 - Kilauea eruption closes much of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
Just a reminder that even though the visitors center and Jagger Museum are closed, you can still purchase our clairvoyant WPA-style silk-screen print directly online.  This design was developed over five years ago--we had a premonation!   After the re-eruption (the last major one was in 1924 from which this design was based upon), Hawaii Volcanoes became our #2 best-seller after the Yellowstone Geyser (our Old Faithful #1).  I would encourage anyone contemplating a Hawaiian vacation to do so--the island is open for business and from a geological standpoint, one of the most exciting times to witness our 50th state increase in size!  Plenty of hotel space and no lines at restaurants!  And the Kona Coast is quite sunny!  
Apr 13, 2018 - SOI Zinke Visit
During my April 2018 Washington trip, I also met with Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke in his office discussing park issues and describing the unique WPA poster series.  Secretary Zinke is the third SOI I've worked with beginning in 2010 with Ken Salazar (Arctic Refuge print) and Sally Jewell for the 2014 exhibition at the Museum.  It's been a rare pleasure to work at this level and I hope to continue my dialog with Zinke to improve our National Parks.  
Apr 13, 2018 - Department of the Interior Museum Donation Ceremony
On April 10th, 2018, I donated the last of my personal collection (initially 8) of original WPA national Park posters to the NPS and the Department of ther Interior Museum.  Of 14 prints originally produced, 12 have now been located and 11 are back in the public domain.  Two still missing are Wind Cave and Great Smoky Mountains.  Attending this ceremony was acting NPS Director Dan Smith, the Library of Congress and the DOI Museum staff.  I spent about 1/2 hour with Secretary Zinke in his office.  My collection consisted of:  Grand Teton (2 copies):  one to that park and one to the Harpers Ferry Center Archives; Yellowstone Geyser and Falls (only known copy) to the DOI Museum collection; Mt. Rainier to the HFC collection; Glacier to the HFC; and a Zion and Yellowstone Geyser to the HFC.  These last two were "borrowed" from the artist's estate 19 years ago and after involving the NPS, GSA, FBI I finally convinced the estate to deed them to me so I could recover these using civil court proceedings.  The person who "borrowed" these returned them in March 2018.  I'm continuing my search for the last two missing prints--Wind Cave and Great Smoky Mountains.  
Almost four years to the day, I return to the Department of the Interior to donate my private collection of WPA prints (now 8) and to give one final talk about this unique history.  Of the approximately 1400 initially printed between 1938 and 1941, I've managed to locate just 42 of these 14 images (there are some duplicates now).  My donation will be to both the NPS and the DOI Museum.  The Library of Congress has five in their collection.  Two prints have never been found (Wind Cave and Great Smoky Mountain) and I am upping my reward to $10,000 each for these with the promise to donate them to the public domain.  Eleven are now public with one solitary print (Yosemite--same reward) in private hands.  I'm hoping to get all 12 known prints on stage for my talk.  If you have ever wanted to vacation in Washington DC--this is the time!  Cherry Blossoms too!  
Feb 23, 2018 - Safe and Sound
The two prints taken from the Powell Estate in 1999 were returned to the Harpers Ferry NPS Archives after 19 years.  Here they are; safe and sound!
Feb 01, 2018 - Purloined Prints Returned!
After a 19 year mysterious disappearance from the artist's estate, two very rare WPA serigraph prints (Yellowstone Geyser and Zion--pictured here) were returned to the National Park Service Archives at the Harpers Ferry Center.  For the complete story, visit this link:
Jan 03, 2018 - Postage Rate Correction
Each year we adjust our postage charges to keep up with USPS, and UPS rate changes.  The good news is that in 2018 we're lowering our postage costs slightly for all but the lowest and highest category.  These changes will be found in your shopping cart when you check out.  If you have special shipping needs feel free to call Angie or Todd by phone.  Everyone have a great New Years!  
Nov 27, 2017 - CYBER-DECEMBER!
Ranger Doug is cyber alert and is offering free shipping from now to the end of December on poster orders over $100.  We will only ship rolled in our well-protected trifold box.  Great Holiday Gifts!  
The Arctic Refuge poster is once again available.  Initially printed as a commissioned Sierra Club/F&WS gift to congress, I have removed the F&WS seal and the SC logo creating an open edition to raise awareness of the Zinke/Trump decision to allow drilling the 1002 region.  Many of you have asked over the years if I would ever reprint this--so here it is--and in time for the holidays!  Screen printed on DeNeen Environmental #80 cover with Nasdar 5500 inks.  
Oct 24, 2017 - Partnership with National Parks Traveler
Since its inception, I've been an avid reader of National Parks Traveler and have now partnered with them for fundraising, now that they are non-profit.  If you haven't discovered this NPS news source, you're missing out.  Virtually everything to know about our parks is well organized and neately tucked away at this one website: For a donation of $250, you will receive a set (two prints) of our recently discovered and recolored Yellowstone WPA serigraphs.  These bear the screen printer's initials "EM" and are also signed by Ranger Doug!  The limited edition numbers also match--a wonderful addition to your home and a welcome donation to the Traveler.  Enjoy!  
Oct 17, 2017 - Black Saturday Holiday Offerings
Posters make great holiday gifts!  We'll be opening the warehouse for two upcoming Saturdays--November 25 and two weeks later on December 16 between 10am and 2pm.  If you live in the Seattle area, come down and have a cup of hot cider on us and tour our new warehouse and Wall of Color--where we've put up our entire collection of National Park screen designs.  Our location is on the north side of Queen Anne Hill at 25 Nickerson with additional parking at 24 Dravus (our back yard).  Ranger Doug will be there and will sign posters if you like.  Free bumper stickers too!  
Sep 08, 2017 - RDE Intergalactic Headquarters opens in Seattle
After 25 years of continuous growth, we've outgrown two houses and have moved into a warehouse at 25 Nickerson Street, Seattle 98109.  We held an open house August 31 inviting our local galleries, block neighbors and friends.  We also rent parking in the back (24 Dravus Street).  Our phone and email contacts remain the same.  
Mar 30, 2017 - Black Canyon of the Gunnison is available in a screened print and cards!
Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Monument screen print has arrived!  I visited this NPS unit last fall on my 15 month centennial speaking circuit and was duly impressed.  The park staff gave me a personal tour of the area and enthusiastically supported adding this to our collection of (now) 47 screen printed poster designs of our National Parks and Monuments.  Modestly priced at $45.  Enjoy!
Jan 14, 2017 - Centennial Yellowstone Prints Now Sold Separately
As promised, we're now selling these Limited Edition prints separately. During the Centennial they were sold as a set of two for $100. As of today, we're offering your choice for $50. Note we've raised our prices slightly to $45 now so for five extra bucks--you get "EM" scratched in the seal, numbered and signed by Ranger Doug! I will also donate 25% of this to the National Park Foundation. This is a win-win.
Jan 06, 2017 - Happy New Year 2016
It was a great year in 2016 for the NPS Centennial and we're looking for another one in 2017.  Here's what's happening:   We're moving into a new warehouse at 25 Nickerson (also 24 Dravus) on the North Side of Queen Anne Hill, Seattle (25 Nickerson, Seattle, WA  98109) in mid-February.  We will not have a retail outlet but are entertaining an occasional open house perhaps coordinated with other arts events in the community--so you can see all 50 prints in one room!  Only the Department of the Interior does that!   Lisa is retiring after 18 years and Angie Bunker and her husband Todd will be taking over.  Angie, like Lisa, is perfect for the job--and doesn't miss a beat! Reluctantly, I'm raising my prices from $40 to $45 for our hand-made silk screened posters.  This is still one of the best buys for screened art in the country!  And it's been 18 years since the last price increase.....and we are printing up to a full 10 colors! We've been asked by the National Park Foundation to continue our giving back policy for all products sold at REI.  What started as a NPS Centennial Collection at REI will hopefully be permanent.   This is above and beyond our 1%. When a new NPS Director is appointed, I will hopefully meet with him/her and donate my private collection back to the NPS--putting it back in the public domain.  This will make eleven originals available to the public.  Stand by for this one! Thank you all again for your choice of our unique screened prints.  There are many others doing similar "retro" prints of our parks, but we have led the pack and will continue to do so. Happy New Year!  
Dec 15, 2016 - Best Xmas Present Ever!
Holiday Special!  After a frantic and exhausting 15 month NPS Centennial year on the road, we've still several sets of the two Yellowstone Limited Edition Centennial posters left.  A recent discovery of these two prints motivated me to redo the screens perfectly--adjusting the colors, a full 6 screens, including the encrypted initials "EM" embedded in the Department of the Interior Seal--those of the screen printer in 1938!  Both silk screened  prints, with matched numbers, can still be obtained for only $100!  And signed by Ranger Doug.... and if this is not enough......I'll donate 25% of this (that's $25) to the National Park Foundation!  Happy Holidays!  Order here:
Dec 05, 2016 - WPA Calendar for Christmas!
The New Deal Preservation Association has just published a WPA Calendar which can be purchased from our Links/WPA section or directly at:
Nov 07, 2016 - Another Original Grand Canyon Found!
Great news!  Another original of Grand Canyon National Park turned up in Sedona AZ and was donated to the park.  It came out of the estate of a Librarian who worked for the park beginning in 1951, about the time the US Mint building was closed and the posters stored there (during WWII) were returned to their parks.  This one is a bit faded which puzzled me as other duplicates with similar exposure to light do not show fading.  This is the 42 confirmed original and fifth Grand Canyon.  Of the 14 designs made, I've found 12 (still missing are Wind Cave and Great Smoky Mountains).  One Yosemite turned up 10 years ago but slipped through my fingers (and those of the Library of Congress) so three are missing from the public domain.  I'll offer a $5000 reward for each of these with the promise to donate to the NPS archives at Harpers Ferry.
Jun 14, 2016 - Rocky Mountains again.
I'm in Jackson Wyoming giving about 16 talks over the next two weeks.  Then to Glacier, Pacific NW, Oregon, California and then returning to the Rocky Mountains for my final push ending in Zion in November.  It's the Centennial season so my schedule is heating up.  Stay tuned to our "Events" button on this blog.  
Apr 18, 2016 - Time Magazine & the Saturday Evening Post
 This month we made both the Saturday Evening Post, Time Magazine and Outside Magazine--the NPS Centennial is heating up!   I'm currently in Great Smoky Mountain (no talks here) but several to follow as I progress north up the Blue Ridge Parkway to Shenandoah and Washington DC.  See our Events button for my schedule as it developes.  
Mar 07, 2016 - Saturday Evening Post
Yellowstone Geyser WPA print make the cover of the Saturday Evening Post with a nice (online only) article on recovering this "Lost Art."   Enjoy!
Mar 07, 2016 - Saturday Evening Post
Yellowstone Geyser WPA print make the cover of the Saturday Evening Post with a nice (online only) article on recovering this "Lost Art."   Enjoy!
Mar 04, 2016 - Ranger Doug's Tentative Schedule
Many parks and other venues have asked for a tentative schedule so here it is:   After the March 6-10 Spokane tradeshow, I'll be continuing my my odyssey north up to the Chicago area (April), then east to Acadia and down the Eastern Seaboard parks in May-early June:  Civil War sites, Blue Ridge Parkway, Shenandoah and Great Smoky Mountains.  I may visit Everglades again.  In mid-June I'm back in Cody, Jackson Hole, Grand Teton (June 18th) and will then work my way west and revisit Sequoia, Yosemite, then northward to Redwoods, Lassen, Crater Lake, Olympic (?), Mt. Rainier, Glacier and rendezvous at Gardiner Mt. for the actual Centennial at Yellowstone North Gate (August 25), then Grand Teton again, Rocky Mountain  (Sept 2/3), then SW parks ending at Zion November 11.  This is very approximate--so visit the Events section on my Facebook Page.  So far I've given 29 talks and 1200 visitors reached.  
Mar 04, 2016 - News Articles Coming Out
Both the NPS Centennial and our 14 month exhibition at the Department of the Interior Museum has generated a lot of interest in these posters.  The round-the-country quest to find the last two remaining prints and speaking tour has drawn interest by CNN, TIME;  the Saturday Evening Post is planning a cover article in their March/April edition....grab an issue if you can.  In addition, REI will be including our products in all 145 stores for at least this current year beginning April or May--they call it the "Centennial Collection."   
Mar 04, 2016 - New Mexico and Texas
From Santa Fe, I drive east through Tucumcari NM, then down the Texas Panhandle visiting the Alibates Flint Quarry National Monument, Palo Duro State Park, Balmorhea Springs State Park, & Fort Henry.  Alpine Texas becomes my home base while I drive down to Big Bend National Park to deliver two more talks (my 28th and 19th).  I park the trailer in Austin and am currently Amtraking up to Spokane for our annual APPL tradeshow (NPS Bookstore Tradeshow), March 6-10. See more on our Facebook link and my personal blog here.  
Feb 07, 2016 - Santa Fe Talk--February 12
I will be giving a two hour talk in Santa Fe at the NPS's Old Santa Fe Trail Building between 4pm - 6pm.  This building was built by the CCC.  My talk is focuses on the history of the WPA National Park Poster and will feature four originals on display.  See you there!
Jan 27, 2016 - Poster Exhibition at USGS
Most, if not all, of our posters will be on exhibit at the US Geological Survey headquarters in Reston VA for the month of June.  If you missed the exhibit at the Department of the Interior Museum, this is a good chance to see all the posters in one area.  
Jan 22, 2016 - Death Valley National Park
I'll be giving two talks in Death Valley National Parkat Furnace Creek Visitors Center on  Friday, January 29 at 7pm and again on Saturday, January 30 at noon.
Jan 09, 2016 - Joshua Tree National Park Talks
Ranger Doug will be giving three talks next weekend at Joshua Tree National Park:   January 15, Friday @ 7pm at the Jumbo Rocks Campground January 16, Saturday @ 7pm at the Big Rock Campground January 19, Tuesday @ noon (brown bag lunch) at the 29 Palms Visitor Center, Rattlesnake Room.
Dec 29, 2015 - World Scout Jamboree 2015 in Japan
We participated in the scarf designs for the World Scout Jamboree--National Park themed, of course.  Here is a link to the final ceremonies: Ranger Doug was a First Class Scout.  
Nov 12, 2015 - Ziga Media 2016 Wall Calendars Available at Barnes & Noble
Nov 09, 2015 - Pasadena Rose Bowl NPS "Kick-off"
I'm going to the Rose Bowl!  Live on Green, marketing for the City of Pasadena & their Convention Center has selected my artwork for the official NPS Centennial kick-off.  I'm giving three (or more) talks at the Pasadena Convention Center where my 1948 Airstream--highly modified--will be a centerpiece at the Convention Center.  Talks at 2pm on Tuesday December 29, 10am on the 30th and again at 1pm on the 31st. Come hear this unique history of National Park art and view five original prints--the largest collection in one place-- equal to the Library of Congress.
Oct 18, 2015 - Ranger Doug's Roadtrip Links
I've put all the links to newspaper, radio and TV articles in a new tab:  News and Kudos/Honorable Mentions;  where you'll also find a list of upcoming events.    
Sep 09, 2015 - NPCA Thank you
Every two years, we donate about 350 prints to the NPCA (National Parks & Conservation Association) to be presented as gifts to members of Congress who support NPS legislation.  For a list of our donations, visit our Links section here.  NPCA recently writes: "Dear Doug, Lisa, and Team, Thank you so much for the beautiful Evergflades prints for our awards!  Members of Congress, as always, loved them.  Thank you for the wonderful partnership--we look forward to working with you again soon!   Best, Natalie & NPCA"
Aug 31, 2015 - Denali trumps Mt. McKinley!
Those of us at Ranger Doug's Enterprises, and specifically, Ranger Doug, who lives in Alaska, applaud the bold decision made by President Obama and Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell to change the name of North America's highest mountain from Mt. McKinley to Denali.  However, this begs the question.....this National Park in the WPA (1935-1943) era carried the name Mount McKinley and therefore, holding true to this history, we've named this poster Mount McKinley as it would have been published at that time.    
Jul 27, 2015 - Ranger Doug Begins NPS Centennial Campfire Programs
I begin my 18 month NPS Centennial odyssey in three weeks where I'm presenting my story as told to the Department of the Interior:   Elk Prairie Campground State Park (Redwood State & National Park) August 22 @ 8pm ,   August 24 at Lodgepole Campground, Sequoia @8pm,  Shell Oil (Pipeline) in Sequoia (exclusive), August 26 Yosemite (TBA),  August 28 @ 6:30pm:  Kimball Art Center, Park City Utah (   For more details visit our Facebook page where I've listed a calendar of events as they develop.   Hope to meet you all!  
Jul 20, 2015 - DOI Museum Exhibition Closes after 14 months
Attendance for POSTERity: WPA’s Art Legacy & America’s Public Lands From April 9, 2014 (opening day) through May 29, 2015 (closing day), gallery visitation totaled 15,712. The exhibition’s guestbook provided an opportunity for visitors to leave comments and indicate where they were visiting from. Not everyone signed the guestbook or provided visitation demographics, but of those that did, 44 states, the District of Columbia and 10 foreign countries (Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Dominican Republic, France, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom) were represented.   Comments can be viewed here.
May 06, 2015 - Haleakala Hawaii Poster Now Available
Haleakala National Park print is available.  It's our 44th design and is a full 10 colors--our most complex design yet.  We had hoped it would be available earlier, but we redrew a screen or two and had some ink issues (the EPA has made modern inks less opaque).  But it's worth the wait and still modestly priced at only $40.  Enjoy! 
Feb 12, 2015 - DOI Museum Exhibition Extended
Our exhibit at the Department of the Interior Museum has been extended to May 29th, 2015.  We've had over 12,000 visitors since it opened in April 2014. Attend if you can!  
Jan 26, 2015 - Dinosaur National Monument Serigraph is now available!
Our Dinosaur design is now "in hand" and available for the same low $40.  As usual, it is a serigraph print featuring the confluence of the Green and Yampa Rivers.   Brian, my co-artist and computer guru was a former ranger there for two years and even has a dinosaur bed named after him. So I let him run with this design--I suggested embedding an encrypted dinosaur in the design--can you find it? From old park brochures, we found "Wall of Bones" so had to use that in an added interpretive panel on Steamboat Rock. While this park is not on the beaten path, it's a strong design and will complement our now 44 park/monument images. Here is a link to some more history of the Douglas Quarry at Dinosaur: 
Dec 31, 2014 - 11,300 visitors attend DOI Museum Exhibit in 2014.
By the 2014 year's end over 11,300 visitors have attended our exhibit "Posterity" at the Department of the Interior Museum.  It continues to draw people and their good comments.  We hosted the artist's son, Richard Powell which we've posted to our Facebook page.  The exhibit will stay open until April of 2015.  Attend if you can!   Happy Holidays!
Dec 22, 2014 - Haleakala Screen Print Coming Soon
The Haleakala Screen print will be available at the end of March.  We designed this to complement the Volcanoes print.  Its bold colors, morning sunrise and distant ocean vistas make this print unique.  And we've added a ranger!  Still only $40.  
Dec 22, 2014 - Dinosaur National Monument Silkscreen Print due out after the New Years.
The Dinosaur National Monument print is our 43rd park design.  Screen printed and still just $40.  
Oct 03, 2014 - 2015 Calendar Now Available (only through Barnes and Noble and
The 2015 Calendar "National Parks--Poster Art of the WPA" produced by Ziga Media is now available but only through Barnes & Noble and  Please note, Ranger Doug does not sell this directly on this website nor in National Parks.  Typically these sell out in a few weeks although this years run is the biggest yet due to their increasing popularity.  Enjoy!   
Aug 21, 2014 - Redwoods National and State Parks Available
Our Redwoods image is now available.  See it here...  I chose the Prairie Creek Visitor Center as the focus, with a "window" style design, and using the See America theme.  There are over 100 groves and this park(s) is managed both by the NPS and California State Parks.  I think this is a good compromise listing the top ten groves.  The PCVC was built by the CCC in 1933 and opened in 1934.  We're the only ones making silk screened prints and only charging $40!  Enjoy.  
Jul 26, 2014 - Redwoods National and State Parks sneak preview
Our Redwoods image will be available mid-August.  Here is a sneak preview.  I chose the Prairie Creek Visitor Center as the focus, with a "window" style design, and using the See America theme.  There are over 100 groves and this park(s) is managed both by the NPS and California State Parks.  I think this is a good compromise listing the top ten groves.  The PCVC was built by the CCC in 1933 and opened in 1934.  We're the only ones making silk screened prints and only charging $40!  Enjoy.  
Jul 20, 2014 - Ranger Doug's NPS Centennial Offer!
As promised (but a week late), we are offering for only $75, the two Yellowstone redrawn serigraph reproductions with completely corrected color & parallax--shown here behind the Secretary of the Interior, Sally Jewell.  Besides being signed by Ranger Doug, these also bear the initials of the screen printer "EM" in the DOI seal and are limited to only 1000 copies sold in paired numbered sets only.  Celebrate the NPS Centennial!  Here is the link.
May 29, 2014 - NPS Centennial Limited Edition Yellowstone Serigraph Prints
Celebrate our National Park Centennial coming in 2016!  Beginning July 15, we are offering a signed special limited edition of the two Yellowstone National Park prints; the Geyser and Falls in a perfect replication based upon two recently discovered originals which are now on exhibit at the Department of the Interior Museum (pictured at left).  We have corrected to the original WPA colors and redrawn the screens exactly including the screenprinter's initials etched into the DOI seal; "EM."  These serigraph prints will be a limited edition of 1000 and sold as pairs only (with matching numbers) until the end of 2016.   Both for $75.00.  We will announce availability on this news site and also on our Facebook Page when we receive them from our screen printers.   
May 29, 2014 - Department of the Interior Video
And here is a link to the Department of Interior's video:
May 28, 2014 - NPR Morning Edition Broadcast
Here's the link to Brian Naylor's Morning Edition piece:
May 11, 2014 - Department of the Interior Museum exhibit opens
An exhibit of all our artwork opened April 8, 2014 and will run for one year at the Department of the Interior Museum in Washington DC.  Interior Director Sally Jewell was the first to sign the guest book and received a private tour of the exhibit.  If you plan a trip back east, be sure to include this in your plans.  Six originals and all or our limited editions are exhibited.  
Mar 04, 2014 - Death Valley Serigraph now available
Death Valley (Scotty's Castle) is now available as a serigraph print for $40.00.  This is our 40th design and will be included in our Series V note cards along with Arctic Refuge, Badlands, Big Bend, Everglades, Glacier Bay, Joshua Tree and Statue of Liberty.  Also available in post cards. On our drawing boards are Dinosaur & Redwood State and National Parks among others.  
Dec 08, 2013 - Originals Found!
Six original WPA National Park Serigraph prints recently turned up in a private estate in Southern California making the total of originals now 40 prints!  I traveled down from Alaska and examined these and purchased two:  Yellowstone Geyser (now 4 known copies) and Yellowstone Falls (the only known).  They will eventually be donated to the NPS archives or LOC.  They were in remarkably good condition and I will be recoloring and digitizing the screens for the Falls print in the near future.  Two of the original 14 prints are still at large--Wind Cave and Great Smoky Mountains--keep on the lookout for these!   Happy Holidays!
Dec 08, 2013 - Christmas Counterfeits
I know I'm preaching to the choir, but around every holiday season many counterfeits of our prints show up on the internet--particularly on websites like Etsy, Zazzle, Tripod, Cafe Press, etc. It is very difficult to penetrate these 'shell' websites and much of the offerings are of very cheap quality, yet competing prices. While five of these historic images are now back in the Library of Congress and thus public domain again, they are 'up for grabs' and are now appearing on every imaginable article--from t-shirts to soap wrappers to neck ties. Our contemporary series of 26 images are not. Please be aware of what you purchase. Our company, now 20 years in business, is the only source for professionally restored silk-screened WPA national park prints; and we stand 100% behind our products.  Thank you and Happy Holidays!    
Dec 04, 2013 - New Poster: Joshua Tree National Monument
New Poster just in! Joshua Tree National Monument.  See it here....
Nov 10, 2013 - New Poster: 75th Anniversary of the Founding of the Department of Interior Museum
New Poster: 75th Anniversary of the Founding of the Department of Interior Museum.  This limited edition of 250 seriagraphs is signed by Doug Leen and Brian Maebius.  Proceeds from the sale of the limited edition will be donated to the National Park Service. See it here....
Nov 09, 2013 - Statue of Liberty Poster Now Available
We've now received our new Statue of Liberty National Monument poster (beginning our monument series). See it here..... Joshua Tree, Death Valley and Gettysburg are on the drawing boards.
Sep 07, 2013 - Ranger Doug's 2014 Calendars
The 2014 wall calendar and mini-calendar, produced by Ziga Media LLC, are now available through Barnes & Noble and  We do not sell calendars at RDE.  Enjoy!  
Jul 07, 2013 - Department of Interior Museum Request
Ranger Doug's entire inventory of screened prints has been selected by the Department of Interior Museum for their permanent collection.  A letter of appreciation has been received from the Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, which is posted on our facebook page.  We are also working with Interior on an exhibit of all our works which is scheduled to open this summer in Washington DC.  We anticipate having three originals in this exhibit along with many photographs of the artist, C. Don Powell.  
Jul 07, 2013 - New Posters
Big Bend, Everglades and Badlands screened prints have been out for over a year and I've neglected to mention this here in our News section.  We've begun using Facebook so visit us there also.  We've now received approval for screened prints of Statue of Liberty (beginning our monument series) and Joshua Tree, with Death Valley and Gettysburg on the drawing boards.  
Jul 07, 2013 - New Vinyl Stickers
We've changed our window stickers to a more durable UV resistant vinyl material, suitable for outdoor use.  We've added an additional 22 new parks as contemporary designs and offer them individually or in sets of 23 (which contain an additional sticker of Teddy Roosevelt's durable grin).  
Dec 07, 2012 - Cole Screenprint Joins Our Team
With our current screen printer, Scott Corey of Corey Sign, up to his ears printing our nearly 40 park images, we've brought in another printer, Cole Screenprint to help us out as we expand our inventory.  While Scott is a third generation "one man shop" Cole is a family of 30 professionals occupying a 25,000 square foot facility in Tacoma Washington.  As many of you know, screen printing in poster format is a dying art and we're the only source for screen printed WPA National Poster art.  Welcome Cole!  
Dec 07, 2012 - Big Bend Screened Print Now Available
The serigraphed print of Big Bend National Park is now available in time for the holiday season.  Also available in cardstock.  Thanks for you patience. 
Jul 24, 2012 - 2013 Calendar
The National Parks Poster Art of the WPA 2013 calendar is now available directly from  and   
Apr 25, 2012 - Mapquest National Park Blog Post
Read about us here on Mapquest's National Park Blog:
Apr 12, 2012 - Two New Books
Ranger Doug's images have been published in two new books:    Objects in Mirror, edited by Hans Gremmer (Netherlands) and Alaska Park Science, Volume 10, Issue 2, National Park Service, pp 56    
Mar 12, 2012 - Glacier Bay Serigraph Poster Now Available
Glacier Bay Poster has just rolled off the screen presses and is now available for $40. It is one of three Alaskan poster images and is also available in post cards and notecards.  We've also just finished our Badlands National Monument design due out by mid-April.
Feb 27, 2012 - Our new website is online
After 10 years of increasing internet orders, we’ve decided to upgrade our website once again. We’ve hopefully made it easier to navigate and order products. We now list our poster images both alphabetically and geographically with a spiffy WPA map of the USA. Simply click on the image or location you want and it will take you to that selection of posters or cards. On this page will have all details about the image (size, coloring, card groups, etc.) From there, you can proceed to the shopping cart. Additionally, we’ve updated our customer comments section, making it easier to post your comments, ask questions or simply to read what others say about us. We’ve added a new section “Honorable Mentions” listing books, movies, gifts, etc. for which our products have been selected. Having problems finding something? Send us an email.
Dec 27, 2011 - The 2012 Barnes & Noble WPA National Park Calendar
The 2012 Barnes & Noble WPA National Park Calendar is now available through the Barnes & Noble Bookstores only. We do not carry it at Ranger Doug's Enterprises.
Dec 08, 2011 - Everglades Poster now available
The Everglades serigraph poster is now available here on our website and also from Everglades National Park. Glacier Bay is next up and should be available end of January 2012.
Jul 27, 2011 - Everglades National Park
The Everglades image has been completed and is available in cards.  The screened poster will be available sometime late 2011.  This poster was created after an on-site visit and indeed the animals in this image are as plentiful as depicted.  While this was our first visit, it is now one of our favorite parks!