2020 has been a game-changer year for nearly everyone.  When the Covid-19 virus made its way into Europe, I was in Central Turkey (Capadoccia) and was forced to fly back to Toronto, Salt Lake City, drive to Seattle and then fly home to Alaska–and I’m not a flyer.  I hope everyone is laying low, social distancing and wearing masks.  As a retired dentist, I understand this stuff and it is not to be messed with. If everyone on the planet could social distance for 14 days–perfectly–this would go away, but we’re too impatient….and will pay the price.  

That said, if you can’t visit your favorite park, do so vicariously by purchasing one of our hand-made (in the USA) screen prints.  We’ve recently introduced Jewel Cave, and Canyonlands with plans to publish Voyageur and the newest addition to the NPS: Valle Caldera which is located near Bandelier in New Mexico.  Other new products are refrigerator magnets and luggage stickers. I’ve resisted the “trinket” market for over 20 years, preferring to focus on art for art’s sake but after donating my private collection to the NPS, many are transferring these designs into Cafe Press, Etsy, Red Bubble, and the like on everrything imaginable.  So, I’m joining in but keeping the product focus quality up.

Our warehouse is still operational and Angie will answer the phone Monday through Friday to take your orders.  Park orders are way down but our internet/retail sales are actually better than a year ago–we thank you for the business and will weather this crisis just fine.  Well, we’ll see.

Our long-time printer, Scott Corey–aka Corey Sign & Display–is retiring.  Scott is a third generation screen printer.  His brother, Cam also ran the business for years before succumbing to ALS.  These two made this poster reproduction happen and I thank both Cam and Scott for their years of standing in front of the screen press in my behalf.  Both Scott and Cam attended our tradeshows to explain the process to the National Park employees and Scott attended the museum exhibit at the Department of the Interior in 2014 which featured all his printing skills.  We will transfer all our artwork, inks and frustrations of this dying (dyeing?) art to Cole Graphic Solutions in Tacoma Washington. With 50 active designs, this will add a new dimension to their business.  We are one of the very few sources for screen printed art in America. 

One last note–our public lands have taken a beating these past 3-1/2 years.  Parks and Monuments and public lands in general have shrunk and oil and gas leases are now built into park funding–dangerous!   Pebble Mine just cleared a major hurdle with the Interior Department.  I urge every one of you to not only vote, but to urge everyone you know to vote this November.  I will be saying more about this each month.  

Stay safe!