It was a great year in 2016 for the NPS Centennial and we’re looking for another one in 2017.  Here’s what’s happening:  

  • We’re moving into a new warehouse at 25 Nickerson (also 24 Dravus) on the North Side of Queen Anne Hill, Seattle (25 Nickerson, Seattle, WA  98109) in mid-February.  We will not have a retail outlet but are entertaining an occasional open house perhaps coordinated with other arts events in the community–so you can see all 50 prints in one room!  Only the Department of the Interior does that!  
  • Lisa is retiring after 18 years and Angie Bunker and her husband Todd will be taking over.  Angie, like Lisa, is perfect for the job–and doesn’t miss a beat!
  • Reluctantly, I’m raising my prices from $40 to $45 for our hand-made silk screened posters.  This is still one of the best buys for screened art in the country!  And it’s been 18 years since the last price increase…..and we are printing up to a full 10 colors!
  • We’ve been asked by the National Park Foundation to continue our giving back policy for all products sold at REI.  What started as a NPS Centennial Collection at REI will hopefully be permanent.   This is above and beyond our 1%.
  • When a new NPS Director is appointed, I will hopefully meet with him/her and donate my private collection back to the NPS–putting it back in the public domain.  This will make eleven originals available to the public.  Stand by for this one!
  • Thank you all again for your choice of our unique screened prints.  There are many others doing similar “retro” prints of our parks, but we have led the pack and will continue to do so.
  • Happy New Year!