Our One Percent

The WPA funded 1% of their budget for the arts, which included the Federal Art, Music, Writers and Theatre Projects. Many cities around America use this formula today and so do we. In 1998 Ranger Doug began donating 1% of gross sales back to our parks for the purpose of  preserving the WPA-CCC art and architecture within and around our National Parks. Here’s a list of most of our projects:



  • Ranger Doug’s private collection of 10* WPA original prints to the Harpers Ferry NPS Archives and the Department of the Interior Museum–appraised value of $110,500*. (*see our News Feed and Facebook for details).  This has been a long term goal of mine–and now 12 of the 14 prints are again owned by the public.  Still missing Great Smoky Mountain and Wind Cave–$10,000 reward for either–purchase/donation to the NPS.
  • Student Conservation Association; to provide tools to restore CCC projects (read thank you letter here).  Our continued support of the SCA is in line with the original CCC projects instituted by the FDR administration to rebuild our national and state parks.  $2500.
  • Grand Teton Natural History Association (Plein Air Arts for the Parks)–$1000
  • National Park Traveler (now a 501.C.3–$250.
  • High Country News–$250
  • Mountain Journal (Greater Yellowstone Coalition)–$250
  • Washington Trails Association–$100.





  • Funding for “Wilderness” a book about Alaska by Debra Bloomfield, $2000



  •   To the Devils Postpile cabin restoration (via the Student Conservation Association)–$1000


  • Grand Teton National Park — Jenny Lake original WPA poster donated back to Grand Teton National Park. This poster will be displayed at the Jenny Lake Museum in the summer season. View Details.
  • Antarctic Heritage Trust — $1000 for preservation of the “Scott Hut” at Point Evans, Ross Island, Antaractica. Tour this hut with Ranger Doug here.


  • New Deal Preservation Association, CCC Art Presentation — $500
  • Great Smoky Mountains National Park $1000 for  CCC Original Lighting Restoration.  See photo.
  • NCCC matching Grant — $550


  • Calaveras State Park, California — $2000 to to rebuild CCC built campground stoves. See photo.
  • Seattle Parks Foundation — $1000 for the Lake Union Park project and
  • Mt. Rainier National Park — $2000 via the Student Conservation Association to help in rebuilding flood damaged roads and trails.


  • Mesa Verde Museum Association — $1000 for their Centennial Plein Air Painting Exhibition.



  • Mesa Verde Centennial Project — $1000
  • Bear Paw Battlefield Project, Idaho — $1000


  • Bandelier National Monument — $1000 to curatorial and restoration of CCC buildings.
  • Murie Center, Jackson Hole, Wyoming –$1000 for cabin restoration.


  • Petrified Forest National Park — $2000 to restoration of the Petrified Forest WPA poster and restoration of the Painted Desert Visitors Center


  • Peaks, Plateaus and Canyons Association — $2000 seed money for a book on WPA structures in the SW Parks
  • Mt. Rainier National Park –Facilitated donated two original WPA posters back to that park. See photo.


  • Sharlene Milligan Scholarship fund (Grand Teton Natural History Association) — $2000 for an Artist in Residency


  • General Fund, Grand Teton Natural History Association — $2000