13 ½” X 19” serigraph print.

This limited edition of 250 seriagraphs is signed by Doug Leen and Brian Maebius.  100% of the proceeds from the sale of the limited edition will be donated to the National Park Service.  This is obviously the Department of the Interior Building–we got permission from DOI to use the 1938 federal seal and is one of only three poster prints we publish bearing a federal seal (the other two are Mariposa Grove and Arctic Refuge–both fundraisers).   Here is a photo of the DOI building from this perspective. This building was built by the PWA in only 18 months and was the first federal building to be air conditioned.  Each room boasts a window to the outdoors and there is an ice cream parlor on the roof!   WPA Murals adorn the hallways–a must see when in Washington.  

Please note, for posters, the specified dimensions are the actual image dimensions (the border size varies with each edition.) We recommend waiting until you receive your poster before ordering frames.