Haven’t posted any updates for awhile.  

NEW DESIGNS, ETC:  We are passing our 2019 sales by a good margin so I’m assuming parks are opening up and people are flocking to them.  I’m working on several new designs:  Biscayne, Fort Union, White Sands, and others.  

MY BOOK:  I’m writing a book; coffee-table style.  It will feature all the historic set and the story of discovery and also all the contemporary designs, how they’re made and a chapter on the DOI Museum Exhibit and also my 2016 NPS Centennial Roadtrip in my 1948 Airstream!  Doug Brinkley has offered to write the foreward and Sally Jewell said she’d be “delighted” to add a book-flap comment.  It will include an actual silk-screened print (Grand Teton).  Probably betweeen $80-$100 so start saving……due out probably 2022.  

NYT ARTICLE:  I had a nice write-up in the NYT–it’s posted front & center on our website page and also in “Honorable Mentions.”  Orders from this article kept our lights on during the “Covid Winter.”  Unlike everyone else, we’re keeping our prices fixed for now–I’m disappointed to see a sheet of plywood quadruple the price here in Alaska where I live.  

SUPPLY ISSUES:  We are having supply side issues–especially with paper.  Our postcards are printed on partially recycled paper but most paper companies are marketing “sustainable practices” paper which is 100% new fiber (better) but ecologically sound.  We will be printing on this soon; sourced in the USA.  All my competitors use off-shore paper, not Ranger Doug!

POSTER INKS:  One major change is we’re switching our screen-printing inks–to more environmentally sensitive UV cured inks–away from the evaporative inks.  These are also formulated by Nazdar and we’re adding a scuff resistant topcoat (clear matte finish) at no extra cost!  All our printing is now done at Cole Graphic Solutions; Scott Corey of Corey Sign has retired.   Thank you Scott for 28 years of excellent service!  Cole is a Tacoma based family owned business with 30 employees.