On April 10th, 2018, I donated the last of my personal collection (initially 8) of original WPA national Park posters to the NPS and the Department of ther Interior Museum.  Of 14 prints originally produced, 12 have now been located and 11 are back in the public domain.  Two still missing are Wind Cave and Great Smoky Mountains.  Attending this ceremony was acting NPS Director Dan Smith, the Library of Congress and the DOI Museum staff.  I spent about 1/2 hour with Secretary Zinke in his office.  My collection consisted of:  Grand Teton (2 copies):  one to that park and one to the Harpers Ferry Center Archives; Yellowstone Geyser and Falls (only known copy) to the DOI Museum collection; Mt. Rainier to the HFC collection; Glacier to the HFC; and a Zion and Yellowstone Geyser to the HFC.  These last two were “borrowed” from the artist’s estate 19 years ago and after involving the NPS, GSA, FBI I finally convinced the estate to deed them to me so I could recover these using civil court proceedings.  The person who “borrowed” these returned them in March 2018.  I’m continuing my search for the last two missing prints–Wind Cave and Great Smoky Mountains.