Guarantee & Returns

At Ranger Doug’s Enterprises, we absolutely guarantee 100% customer satisfaction of any of our products. If you have any issues with what you receive from us (or the National Park Bookstores), please email us using the contact form and we will make it right.  

Since beginning the republishing effort in 1993, we have had literally dozens of others who are also copying this WPA style prints, using on-demand printers. Where we stand apart is that we work directly with each park (Interpretive Division & NPS Bookstore/Cooperating Association) to produce an historically accurate design in the WPA period.  We are the only ones to print our posters using the silk screen method–as did the WPA artists–a process that takes up to a week or more.  All our products are hand-made in the USA.    

With the discovery of original posters in the past 20 years, we have made small design updates, corrected screens and even made color changes that we feel make these posters closer to the original designs. We offer both WPA and RDE colorations in most of our prints.  Remember, each poster is individually hand made, and therefore slightly different;  this is especially true of our split fountain posters (Acadia, Hawaii, See America–Arches, Petrified Forest, Joshua Tree, and Mt. McKinley).