Happy New Years RDE fans.  It was another great year for us and I just wanted to thank you all for supporting our products–you are also supporting our parks.   Looking into the future a bit, I continue to give talks; my next in Tucson on January 14 at the Historical Society there.  And again in Berkeley March 3–specifics to be announced.   Between these talks,  I attend our annual tradeshow in Denver, touring the SW in my 1948 Airstream and will be volunteering at Petrified Forest digging dinosaurs! In 2018, I’ve partnered with both Kelty (Ranger Doug camping line)  and Victorinox (famous Swiss Army knives) and will announce more when products become available.  Some proceeds will go to the Student Conservation Association.  We’ve five new designs coming out:  North Cascades, Canyonlands, Teddy Roosevelt, Jewel Cave and Mount Rushmore.  When the White House decides to open government and fund our parks, I’ll hopefully get these back on track and out this Spring.  This is not an easy process in normal times.  My most unusual letter came over the holidays–from the US Embassy in Islamabad–requesting poster art for their new Embassy.  We are indeed global!   Have a great and safe 2019 and visit your parks!