Almost four years to the day, I return to the Department of the Interior to donate my private collection of WPA prints (now 8) and to give one final talk about this unique history.  Of the approximately 1400 initially printed between 1938 and 1941, I’ve managed to locate just 42 of these 14 images (there are some duplicates now).  My donation will be to both the NPS and the DOI Museum.  The Library of Congress has five in their collection.  Two prints have never been found (Wind Cave and Great Smoky Mountain) and I am upping my reward to $10,000 each for these with the promise to donate them to the public domain.  Eleven are now public with one solitary print (Yosemite–same reward) in private hands.  I’m hoping to get all 12 known prints on stage for my talk.  If you have ever wanted to vacation in Washington DC–this is the time!  Cherry Blossoms too!