Both this NPS version and a “Jack Kereouac” version of our North Cascades National Park design are now available in a serigraph print (13 1/2″ X 19″); 5500 Nazdar inks on Neenan Environmental #80 cover.  


Use your imagination and you may see a youthful Fred Beckey who did the first ascent of Hozomeen Mountain in 1947 (featured); or perhaps Jack Kerouac who spent the summer of 1956 at the Desolation Lookout (also featured); his inspiration for two books:  The Dharma Bums and Desolation Angels.  This is my first design that completely departs from the WPA or See America theme, yet finds itself married to the early history of this region.  Ranger Doug, besides being a huge Kerouac fan, climbed with Fred Beckey in the 1960s doing many first ascents.