Our Staff

Once a year I usually attend the PLA (Public Lands Alliance) Convention–where our National Parks peruse and purchase products to interpret our parks. In 2007 five of us attended to celebrate our Series III release of contemporary images.


Meet Ranger Doug “Ranger of the Lost Art” I began this company as a hobby in 1993 to fundraise for Grand Teton National Park, my Alma Mater, where I spent 7 years as a seasonal ranger.  I and now publish over 50 old park designs in posters, cards and stickers.  I’m also a dentist and after 20 years of private practice, I gave up the Seattle city life for the backwaters of Alaska in Public Health and have provided dental services from Barrow Alaska to the South Pole!  . Visit Doug’s Blog

This is the kiva entrance, Alcove House, Bandelier National Monument–compare with the Bandelier Poster.


Angie Bunker is our new Chief of Operations replacing Lisa Bergman who served this spot for 18 years!  She will be that voice on the phone and along with her husband, Todd Bunker, will see to day-to-day operations. Meet Angie…...

…..and Todd

Now we couldn’t do anything without a good graphic design guy and Brian Maebius is that guy. He puts everything in pixels and bytes on Adobe Illustrator and is acknowledged as co-artist on much of our work. He’s also a fine artist, geologist, and former seasonal park ranger–Badlands National Park where he has a mound of dirt named after him; actually a paleontology site he found! If you’ve visited the Draper Museum of Natural History in Cody, Wyoming, you’ve seen some of his geology designs and artwork.  Brian lives in Dripping Springs, Texas with his wife and two children and…….dinosaur tracks traipsing through his property.  


Finally, we have our screen printer, Scott Corey. Corey Brothers is a third generation silk-screen printing company that produces our actual posters in the same methods used by the WPA-CCC artists in 1938. Scott sings barbershop quartets-quite a versatile guy.  His brother, Cam, who passed away in 2011 from ALS, also printed with Scott since 1993!  


We have also engaged Cole Graphic Solutions, Tacoma WA to print for us.  Here Darren and Rochelle examine the forth color run of the Everglades print.  We now print about 50 park and monument designs using the screen printing method.  Thank you Cole for joining our mission!

And here’s my sidekick, Lisa Bergman: Lisa is also a concert pianist and accompanist, is a radio announcer for Classical KING-FM, is affiliated with the Icicle Creek Music Center, and…Ranger Doug’s Enterprises in Seattle.  After 18 years of faithful and loyal service, Lisa is retiring!  Thank you Lisa for all your contributions–there was no finer side-kick!