Four new designs are out of the hopper with and without approval:  With: Jewel Cave and Teddy Roosevelt and…Without:  Nortth Cascades and Canyonlands.  All four should be available for sale this summer on this website and at Jewel Cave and TR National Park bookstores.  The NoCa print will be available in a NPS version and Jack Kerouac version in all NPS bookstores except North Cascades.  Canyonlands….who knows, but it’s a design worthy of the Grand Canyon print.

Ranger Doug has been continuosly on the road beginning November–Seattle, Jackson Wyoming, SLC, Moab, Phoenix, Tuscon, Petrified Forest National Park (PeFo), Denver, Berkeley, Alberquerque, PeFo, Moab, SLC, Jackson and soon to Seattle and home to Alaska.  I gave six talks during my trips to historical societies and parks.  Park/monument highlights were El Morro and Tonto National Monuments–include these in your travels. 

Spent most of the winter at Petrified Forest National Park working with the paleontologists who were superb teachers and public servants–the 35 day shutdown hit them hard, yet they rebounded with elan.  PeFo suffers from staffing;  currently about 50% of the park is run by volunteers.  Write your Congressmen and Congresswomen to support funding.  You can visit my personal website at to visit my travels especially the PeFo winter dino digs. 

Finally, I had to cancel my Washington DC lobbying trip due both to Amtrak’s inability to run trains and my computer crash….so it’s all the more important to write your congressmen/women–it’s all online and simple.

Stay tuned…….