13 1/2″ x 18 3/8″  serigraph print–historic design–contemporary colors.   This coloration was a ‘guestimation’ based upon a very poor quality black & white photograph.  This was probably our hardest screen restoration poster and our first edition missed a lot of details, later picked up when two originals were discovered in a Seattle garage.  The image shown here has the corrected screens but my (RDE) colors; we also published the WPA colors in a limited edition commemorating Mt. Rainier’s centennial.  Six originals now have turned up, one of which is in the Library of Congress collection.  Click here to view the postcard likely used by the WPA artists for this design.

Please note, for posters, the specified dimensions are the actual image dimensions (the border size varies with each edition.) We recommend waiting until you receive your poster before ordering frames.