The Prints

Mike--these Zion and Yellowstone originals belong to the public--where are they?



These are the two prints--held by Richard Powell.  Below is likely the first letter of exchange after a phonecall..  Mike is elated to have learned the whereabouts of two originals and sends two reproductions (screen printed by me) in their stead.  The book that was sent was not updated--but Ennis Carter did produce a new edition including the national park series by C. Don Powell.  Mike gets no credits here.....  Mike did donate six Dorothy Waugh prints (which I pointed Mike towards a year earlier).  Mike, in a phone call to Tom Durrant, tried to take these back from the archives.  Tom Durrant, called me asking my advice--was for the NPS Archives to keep the Waugh prints.  Mike's last large paragraph here is pure bunk.